Questions & Answers: US Marble & Granite


1.) Everyone wants to know, what countertops are “in” right now? It seems everywhere you read on internet there are differing opinions of what the best countertop material is and what is “hot” or what is “out”. What has been your experience lately of what customers are choosing? Do you see any trends as far as materials or colors?

In our market…Granite is still the king of countertops. We often find that customers come into our shop that have read a ton of information on the internet about Quartz, and have in their mind that Quartz is what they want…however…about 80% of those very customers end up going with granite for a variety of reasons. The reasons they choose granite usually stems from misinformation or lack of knowledge about granite…and the look of granite is simply not replicable in a Quartz material. You simply just can’t replicate (yet) the look of a natural stone

That all being said, Quartz does have some really great colors that do mimic natural stone…Marble most notably. Marble is a porous, softer stone…therefore some customers want the look of marble but have some trepidation using the material because it is softer…especially customers that have young children in the home. There are several Quartz options that can provide the look of a marble for a home with young children.

As mentioned above…granite is still king. Quartz is definitely a great option…but at the end of the day…it is really all personal preference/taste. As with most trends, colors come and go. We see it all here and thankfully we have a color and material option for just about any space or home. We see newer homes and remodels trending towards whites and greys as far as cabinet colors…which in turn leads to the countertops having less browns and more whites and greys. As we all know, oak was a popular trend in the last 20 years with cabinets and trim colors, so we also see a lot of customers looking to upgrade their countertops who currently have oak. We hear all the time…”I have oak throughout my entire house, I want to upgrade, but I cannot find a top that looks good” There are a ton of options at US Marble & Granite that work with oak, and make it look good!

Other trends we see are mixing and matching colors for both the cabinet color and countertops. For example, we see some perimeter cabinets one color and an island with a different cabinet color…which then allows for two colors of countertops.

Our website really showcases some of our projects…we often refer customers there for ideas and reference.

Our customers can also find us on Pinterest and Houzz

2.) Quartz countertops are getting a lot of attention as of late, what is your opinion on Quartz? (Color options, durability, popularity, etc).

Quartz is a great material for countertops. Here at US Marble & Granite we carry Quartz material from several different suppliers…we want to provide ALL options for our customers...whether that be Quartz OR granite. We have several hundred color options of Quartz from several different suppliers…so the color options are vast with Quartz. We have the luxury of carrying Quartz from the top manufacturers in the industry…from Cambria Quartz to LG Viatera and from Silestone to Caesarstone…as well as others...we have it all!

As far as durability…the Quartz industry is really marketing the durability of Quartz and in some cases knocking the durability of granite. The truth is…granite is extremely durable…in fact some of our granites you will NEVER have to reseal…and others you won’t have to reseal for 15-20 yrs…it really just depends on the stone. Quartz is an extremely durable countertop surface, we would highly recommend Quartz or granite in our customer’s home. As with anything, know your source and talk to the experts before making any final choices.

Popularity…once again…it is all personal taste. Just like buying car or picking a paint color…our customer’s tastes vary. We like to show our customers all of their options and recommend they choose what THEY like best!

3.) US Marble & Granite now carries Cambria, some people might not know what Cambria is. Could you tell us a little about Cambria as a company and why US Marble is exited to be offering Cambria as another option of Quartz?

Cambria Quartz is made in the USA, family owned Quartz manufacturer based in Minnesota. The owners of the Cambria were very successful dairy company entrepreneurs who were presented with the opportunity to purchase Quartz manufacturing equipment in the late 1990’s. Cambria launched their first retail brand in 2003 and has since grown into an industry leader. Using cutting edge business practices, first-class customer service, and commitment to innovation…Cambria has become a leading American brand.

Cambria is extremely innovative, so their products are always changing and improving. We are excited to have the opportunity to offer Cambria products at US Marble & Granite simply because it is such a quality product. As mentioned earlier, we want to be able to offer our customers every option…Cambria a great addition to our outstanding Quartz product selection.

4.) Many people have never seen a full slab of granite or quartz, could you explain why it is important for customers to see the exact slab of material that will be going into their home?

Well, quite honestly we can’t imagine it any other way. That is what makes visiting US Marble & Granite the “ultimate stone buying experience”…we have hundreds of full slabs and an awesome first-class showroom…it really is a must see. Each piece of natural stone is one of a kind…therefore…we think it is imperative our customers see exactly what they are getting…not just a small samples a few inches wide. We want our customers to be informed throughout the entire process...seeing, touching, and feeling the actual slab with its unique variations is important…and it is fun!