Quartzite Countertops Vs. Granite Countertops

Full Slab of Quartzite

Full Slab of Quartzite

Quartzite countertops are becoming an increasingly popular trend for both homeowners and designers.  At US Marble & Granite, we have seen the increased demand and responded by increasing our inventory at our Springfield, IL showroom.  It is important to know that quartzite and quartz are NOT the same.  Quartzite is a natural stone (like granite) and Quartz is a man-made countertop material.  In this blog post we briefly discuss Quartzite Vs. Granite countertops.

What is Quartzite

Quartzite is a very hard metamorphic rock that began as sandstone and was transformed into an extremely strong and durable natural stone when the empty spaces between the sandstone were filled with the mineral quartz and fused together under heat and pressure.


Though quartzite and granite were technically formed in different ways, they share the mineral quartz in their origin, so it is difficult to compare or contrast their appearance as they can sometimes look similar (and can be passed off as each other incorrectly by an inexperienced salesperson).  They are not the same, and yet, they are not vastly different, as both sparkle and have flecks and veins in them from recrystallized quartz.  However, quartzite does have one edge, or PRO, when it comes to look – it is more commonly found in lighter colors, and it is notably found in very light colors and patterns that closely resemble marble.  Granite, on the other hand, usually only contains shades of white with other, bolder colors dominating the overall color of the stone.  For those who love the clean look of white, but who prefer a more durable stone than traditional marble, quartzite is a beautiful, natural alternative.


Here quartzite and granite are also evenly matched.  Both are extremely hard and resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and etching; both quartzite and granite are highly durable and certainly on the PRO side for durability.

It is important to note when making these comparisons that, overall, quartzite and granite are quite durable.  It is equally important to note that slabs of natural stones are unique; therefore, depending on their ages, regional origins and compositions, they can vary in terms of both appearance and durability.  Some quartzite selections, for example, can be softer than others – the best way to determine the stone that is the right fit for you is to visit US Marble & Granite and speak with our experience sales team.  

When it comes to pros and cons on cost, granite may have a slight edge.  Typically, quartzite is more expensive than granite.  However, as you price out slabs for your next project, be aware that price comparisons will depend on which granite and which quartzite, as both natural stones tend to have both rarer and more common options that will affect pricing.  For example, a rarer granite could be more expensive than a common quartzite and vice versa.  When measured against one another within the same tier, granite tends to be less costly, lending a CON to quartzite and a PRO to granite.

Additionally, be aware that individual sellers sometimes lump terms together and use them interchangeably, thus confusing buyers who believe they are comparing apples to apples.  What you might think is a beautiful Super White quartzite could in fact be a dolomitic marble, which are materials easy enough to confuse in the showroom but distinctly different when tested by the rigors of your busy kitchen and its common acidic foods.  There you will find the apple to apple comparison is indeed an apple to orange one – a lesson best not learned after the countertop has been installed, and in fact, etched by an orange.

Quartzite to granite can be a difficult comparison to make, because they are both natural stones that are equally gorgeous as countertops.  If you’re struggling to make the decision between these two stones, call or visit our showroom to see them side by side. Each has its own unique spectrum of colors, patterns, and finishes available – one of them is sure to catch your eye and decide the battle for you between these naturally stunning competitors!