What is Etching?


Etching only occurs in calcium based stones such as Marble, Limestone, or Travertine. GRANITE IS NOT a calcium based stone, therefore it won't etch.

Marble is a softer stone than granite...therefore etching occurs when the calcium carbonate makeup of the stone is eaten away at from acidic substances leaving dull spots known as "ETCHES" (see photo below). It is a chemical reaction.

THE GOOD NEWS...If you purchase your beautiful Marble countertops from US Marble & Granite...we will repair your countertops for FREE as always:)

What is Staining?


Stains can occur in ALL countertop materials (yes, Quartz can stain too) unfortunately...regardless of what manufacturers or countertop sales people tell you.  With that being said, some materials are much more resistant to stains than others.  Granite and Quartz for example are much more resistant to staining than more porous than a calcium based stone such as Marble.

Thankfully, most stains are relatively easy to remove for a trained stone fabricator.  Like we said above, US Marble & Granite can get stains out of your countertop for FREE if you should ever have one:)

Staining is NOT common for us here at US Marble & Granite, however, they can happen.  We always recommend cleaning with mild soap and water and clean up spills when they happen.  Feel free to call or visit us anytime with questions!